Does the wood insert for the Oasis mean that it converts it from a gas fire pit to a wood burning fire pit?
No. The wood option is a wood covering for the Oasis series. We do not currently offer wood burning fire bowls.

Is the spillway an option for Cascade Fire on Glass?
No, in order to keep the bowl “dry” for Cascade Fire on Glass, the scupper must be used. It utilizes a hose to keep the water contained and the bowl dry.

Is the scupper an option for Cascade Fire on Water?
No, because the Fire on Water uses a submersible burning element, it needs to be fully submersed all the time. A scupper would turn the bowl into a dry bowl.

How much is your wood cover for your Oasis Oval?
We do not currently offer a wood cover for the Oasis Oval product.

Can I order the Oasis Fire Table without the wood option?
No, we currently offer the Oasis Fire Table with the wood option necessary. The propane tank can sit within the table and the wood allows for access to the propane tank.

Does the Oasis Fire Table have to have a propane tank within it?
No. The burning element can be plumbed for natural gas or propane away       from the table, and that area under the wood cover would just remain empty.

For Sales, Customer Service, Inventory, Warranty, and Pricing Questions
who should we email?
Please send questions / comments to 

Is expedited shipping available?
Not at this time.

What are your lead times?
General lead times are 2-3 weeks for 1-3 products and 3-4 weeks for 6-8. Lead times can and will vary based on backlog. Shipping times can vary based on product availability. 

Is custom work available?
Custom work is available on an individual basis and has lead times up to 2 months long or longer. There are also additional fees associated with custom work.

Do you charge taxes? How much is the sales taxes?
The amount of sales tax depends on the rates in your respective state and district.

What are my payment options?
Belle Flame offers a wide range of payment options to make your shopping experience more convenient. Accepted payment methods include: All Major Credit & Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, and PayPal. 

Do you offer a print catalog at all the parts you sell?
No, we don’t offer print catalogs. We’ve focused our efforts on building an online catalog that’s easy to navigate and paired with a secure shopping cart so you can enjoy a quick, stress-free shopping experience.

How secure is my Informations?
We understand that the safety of your personal information is important to you, which is why we have taken steps to provide a safe and secure shopping experience. We can guarantee the safety and protection of your sensitive payment information by processing online payments through Braintree, a PayPal service that is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant (the highest level of certification in the industry). For more information, please visit our Privacy Page.

Will I be notified once my order is ships?
Yup! Once your package is shipped out, a tracking number will be sent via email.

When will I be billed?
After you place your order, your credit card’s issuing bank will place an authorization hold on your account for the entire amount of the charge. This is only a pre-authorization and not a charge. In most cases, you will be charged only when the merchandise ships.