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Contemporary electric fireplaces are a sleek and modern addition to any home, offering both style and functionality. Whether you're looking to add a cozy ambiance to your living room or simply want to supplement your heating system, these fireplaces are a popular choice for homeowners. In this blog post, we will explore the features, benefits, and considerations of contemporary electric fireplaces. From their energy efficiency to the different design options available, you'll find everything you need to know about these innovative home appliances. So sit back, relax, and let's delve into the world of contemporary electric fireplaces.


What Is A Contemporary Electric Fireplace?

Modern and more recent than its classic counterparts are contemporary electric fireplaces. They offer a sleek, modern style that complements any type of interior design, and they are packed with cutting-edge features and technology that increase their energy efficiency and user-friendliness.

The main distinctions between modern and traditional electric fireplaces will be discussed in this article, along with how these variations may influence your choice to buy one.


Features of Contemporary Electric Fireplace


Contemporary electric fireplace designs are sleek and minimalist, with clean lines and a modern style. They can be wall-mounted or freestanding fireplaces, and they come in a range of forms, including glass-fronted and frameless, to complement any home decor.

Heating Technology

Contemporary electric fireplace inserts utilize modern heating technologies, such as infrared or quartz heating, to heat a space more quickly and efficiently. Infrared heating is a sort of radiant heating that directly warms items in a space rather than heating the air. This method is more efficient since it heats the room faster and maintains a constant temperature. Another advanced heating method is quartz heating, which generates heat by using a quartz heater element. This technology requires less energy and heats up faster than typical heating components.


Flame Effects

Contemporary electric fireplaces now have realistic flame effects that simulate the appearance of a genuine fire. They include a variety of flame and lighting options that may be customized to create the ideal environment. The hue and brightness of the flames can be changed to your liking.

Smart Features

Contemporary electric fireplaces also include smart features, such as the ability to control the fireplace via a smartphone app or remote control. This makes it easier to turn on and off, adjust the flame, and regulate the temperature. You may also set the fireplace to turn on and off at specific times, which can help you save energy.

Energy Efficiency

Contemporary electric fireplaces are super efficient compared to old-school ones, thanks to their fancy heating technology and smart features. This heating technology is pretty advanced, so it can heat up your room faster and more efficiently. Plus, it's got some smart features that let you control the temperature more precisely and save energy. 


Benefits Of Contemporary Electric Fireplace Insert

Energy Efficiency

The energy economy of electric fireplaces is one of their best features. Electric fireplaces produce almost no waste since they convert almost all of their energy into heat. Your energy costs can be significantly reduced as a result of this efficiency, especially in the winter when you use heat the most.

You can also utilize this free standing fireplace to heat particular rooms in your property as opposed to the entire space. By using "zone heating," you can save energy in the rooms that are used the most while remaining toasty in the ones that are not. Furthermore, you can simply select the ideal temperature for your comfort thanks to sophisticated thermostat settings.

Selecting an electric fireplace helps the environment by reducing energy use as well as promoting sustainability. Both the environment and your pocketbook will benefit!

Easy Installation

Electric fireplaces are a hassle-free addition to your house because they are so simple to install. Electric fireplaces only need a regular electrical outlet, unlike traditional fireplaces, which also need a chimney, flue, or venting system. Because of their simplicity, you may put them practically wherever in your house—in the living room, bedroom, or even home office.

There are several types available, such as insert, freestanding, and wall-mounted variants. Electric fireplaces that are wall-mounted are ideal for giving your décor a sleek, contemporary look, and freestanding types are portable, so you can quickly relocate them to different areas as needed. 

Rejuvenate an aging hearth with an insert electric fireplace, which fits perfectly into existing fireplace openings. The majority of electric fireplaces are ready to use right out of the box, eliminating the need for messy construction work or expert installation. You only need to plug it in to start enjoying the ambience and warmth.

Safety Features

Prioritizing safety is crucial, particularly if you have kids or pets at home. Compared to conventional fireplaces, electric fireplaces provide a significantly safer option. There aren't any fumes, sparks, or open flames because they don't burn wood or gas. This implies that you can appreciate a fire's beauty without running the risk of actual flames.

The majority of contemporary  electric fireplaces include built-in safety features including timers that automatically turn the fireplace off after a predetermined amount of time. If you have a habit of forgetting to switch off your heating, this is especially helpful. 

Furthermore, there is less chance of burns because the outside surfaces of electric fireplaces remain cool to the touch. Because of these safety measures, you may unwind and take in the cozy ambiance without worrying.

Versatility in Design

Prioritizing safety is crucial, particularly if you have kids or pets at home. Compared to conventional fireplaces, contemporary electric fireplaces provide a significantly safer option. There aren't any fumes, sparks, or open flames because they don't burn wood or gas. This implies that you can appreciate a fire's beauty without running the risk of actual flames.

The majority of electric fireplaces include built-in safety features including timers that automatically turn the fireplace off after a predetermined amount of time. If you have a habit of forgetting to switch off your heating, this is especially helpful. Furthermore, there is less chance of burns because the outside surfaces of electric fireplaces remain cool to the touch. Because of these safety measures, you may unwind and take in the cozy ambiance without worrying.


Low Maintenance

The low upkeep required by electric fireplaces is one of its key benefits. Electric fireplaces require almost no care, in contrast to wood-burning fireplaces that need to have their ash and soot cleaned on a regular basis. No wood needs to be chopped, chimneys don't need to be cleaned, and ash mess may be handled.

All you have to do to maintain the finest possible appearance for your electric fireplace is to periodically dust the exterior and clean the glass. This translates to less time spent maintaining and more time to enjoy the coziness and warmth.

Due to its sturdy design and lack of combustible elements, electric fireplaces also last longer than traditional fireplaces. This guarantees years of fun with little work on your part.

Realistic Flame Effects

The lifelike flame effects demonstrate how far technology has advanced in electric fireplaces. Contemporary electric fireplaces, such as those made by Solus, include cutting-edge LED technology that produces strikingly realistic flames. You can also personalize the look to match your décor or mood with some versions that come with a variety of flame colors and effects.

There is an electric fireplace that will fit your style, whether you like the traditional appearance of a wood-burning fire or something more contemporary. Your house will feel cozy and welcoming thanks to these lifelike flame effects in any room.

Heat Control

Controlling the heat output is one of the most practical aspects of electric fireplaces. With heat settings that are changeable, you can have the ideal amount of warmth in any season. With the remote control that many versions come with, you can adjust the temperature, flame effect, and even set a timer all from the comfort of your chair.


When you take into account the expenses related to traditional fireplaces, like fuel, chimney care, and installation, electric fireplaces end up being a more affordable option. The initial outlay is usually smaller, and there aren't many continuing costs.

Types of Contemporary Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Wall Mount

The electric wall mount fireplaces  have a sleek, contemporary appearance. They frequently only need a mount and a power outlet, making installation simple. These units work perfectly in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.

Amantii Remii 65 inch WM-SLIM-65 Smart Indoor Extra Slim Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

The Amantii Remii 65-inch wall-mount electric Fireplace is absolutely fantastic. It gives any room a warm and sophisticated vibe. The design is really sleek and eye-catching. Not only does it provide warmth, but it also adds a touch of style to any space. 

It's super easy to mount it on the wall for a really sleek appearance. Or you can place it in a 2X4 wall for a charming built-in look. This super sleek electric fireplace brings both versatility and a touch of elegance. This electric fireplace is perfect for heating areas up to 500 square feet. Plus, it's a spacious 65 inches in size. Perfect for indoor living spaces, this option provides realistic flames and cutting-edge technology. Enjoy a relaxed and inviting ambiance all year long.

Get ready to say goodbye to complicated electric fireplace installation with this wall-mounted electric fireplace. Enjoy the convenience of WiFi controls and a remote app. Manage your devices on the go with your mobile device. The remote is really handy, you don't have to get up and move around. 


The indoor electric fireplace offers a variety of 11 uplifting options and a wide range of flame colors. Take your pick from yellow, orange, or red to create the perfect vibe for your space. With our three-speed motor, you can effortlessly adjust the flame speed to your liking, ensuring maximum comfort.

The smart heater has an Auto mode that effortlessly maintains your perfect temperature. This 65-inch electric fireplace has a stylish design that radiates a cozy and sophisticated vibe. It comes with a remote and a display made of clear glass. It also comes with a black steel surround. It complements any style of decor. The fireplace looks really cool. 

This wall-mounted electric fireplace is a sleek and contemporary heating option. It turns your place into a cozy retreat. Transform your living area into a cozy space with this stylish wall-mounted electric fireplace.

Built-In Electric Fireplace

An built-in electric fireplace can have a sleek, integrated look. Since these fireplaces are built directly into the wall, they complement traditional and contemporary home design styles with their custom-built appearance.

Amantii 40 Inch Tru-View XL Deep Built-In Indoor Outdoor 3 Three-Sided Electric Fireplace

The Amantii 72” TRU-VIEW-XL DEEP—3 Sided Electric Fireplace is a fantastic home heating system that stands out from other electric fireplaces thanks to its special feature: a viewing area made of glass on three sides. This electric fireplace for the living room is an excellent addition to any home, bringing warmth, beauty, and ambiance to any setting. This model is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can quickly adapt to any lifestyle.


The TRU-VIEW-XL DEEP offers a stunning flame presentation with a vibrant, multi-colored display. With just one click of the remote control, you can easily change the colors from yellow to orange to red. This electric fireplace has two different flame sets to choose from and can heat large areas, up to 500 square feet, with its powerful 4800 BTU heat output. In addition, you can switch between using heat or without heat to customize your comfort levels while still enjoying the cozy ambiance of a welcoming fireplace.

This electric fireplace with LED lights looks excellent. It has ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors, which will make your media shine like never before. If you need warmth or want to add a beautiful focal point to your living area, the Amantii 72" TRU-VIEW-XL DEEP - 3 sided fireplace insert is perfect. This three sided fireplace insert offers something for everyone. You can connect the hardwire-ready design directly to your electrical outlet, saving you from additional wiring installation costs. Also, there's an option to hardwire the thermostat, allowing you to customize your heating preferences more precisely and save energy simultaneously!

Here at Amantii, we get it - every home is different. That's why we're all about offering our customers products that are as unique as their surroundings. And let us tell you, our 72" TRU-VIEW-XL DEEP-built in Electric Fireplace falls into that category! The sleek design of this product effortlessly complements any décor. At the same time, its advanced features make it the perfect choice for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that your loved ones will adore. If you're in the market for heating solutions that are both efficient and stylish, Amantii has a great selection of reliable electric fireplaces for you to consider!

Electric Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace insert is the ideal choice if you wish to improve your current fireplace. It seamlessly integrates into the current fireplace, transforming it into a cutting-edge, effective electric unit. The perfect all-in-one device is the Napoleon Cineview Series.

Amantii Sierra Flame 34 Inch Flush Mount Electric Fireplace Insert

If you're looking for a fantastic alternative to wood or gas inserts, the Sierra Flame by Amantii is an ideal choice for renovations or retrofits. This electric fireplace insert comes in two popular sizes and has heat that vents upwards. With its sleek black steel surround and minimalist design, this linear electric fireplace has a modern look that will complement any home.


The Sierra Flame by Amantii also includes the newest LED light technology. Its four-stage front and backlighting offer a stunning 'gradient' flame effect. You'll find the front and rear controls for the flame and heater, making it a breeze to customize the settings. This Amantii Electric Inserts is perfect for heating spaces up to 500 square feet, with the ability to produce up to 4800 BTUs of heat. Also, the plug is on the left side for your convenience.


If you're in the market for an Amantii electric fireplace that can provide both a cozy atmosphere and reliable warmth, the Sierra Flame by Amantii is definitely worth considering. You'll love the convenience of the included remote control, which allows you to effortlessly adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. Plus, four leveling legs are on the underside to make installation a breeze.

Smart Electric Fireplaces

Since smart electric fireplaces are Wi-Fi enabled, you can operate them from a distance using apps on your smartphone. You can also control the Modern Flames of the fireplace's heating schedule, temperature, and flame effects remotely.

Amantii Symmetry 50" Extra Slim Smart Electric Fireplace

The Amantii Symmetry Xtraslim-50 3.0 Smart WiFi Extra Slim Electric Fireplace is a fantastic choice for those seeking a contemporary and stylish wall-mounted or recessed unit. This small electric fireplace insert has a wide viewing area that adds a touch of elegance to any room. You can enjoy the realistic flames of this product all year round, whether you want to use the heat or not.

This Amantii slim electric fireplace includes WiFi controls and a user-friendly remote app, allowing you to effortlessly manage the fire from your mobile device while enjoying your preferred spot. It also comes with a remote control that makes operating it a breeze. This unit offers two heater settings: low at 750W and high at 1500W, allowing you to adjust the warmth and comfort to your liking. This electric fireplace has 5118 BTUs of heating power so that you can stay nice and cozy throughout the winter.

The media kit with this amantii electric fireplace is an excellent addition to your home décor, adding convenience and style. With its clear glass diamonds, black powder-coated surround, and full-feature remote control, you can create a personalized look that suits your style. 

We've got you covered with 11 different colors of uplighting that add a touch of flair to any room. And if that's not enough, we've also got flame options in yellow, orange, and red, with five settings each. So cycle through these options to bring some life and energy into your space!

 Not only does this electric fireplace have a stylish design, but it also offers a range of practical benefits. The slim design of this product allows for easy installation on any 2" x 4" wall. Additionally, its eco-friendly construction ensures that it does not emit harmful pollutants into the air, unlike traditional gas fireplaces. This makes it an excellent choice for any home or office environment! The best part is that you don't need any extra venting requirements with its plug-in installation method. This saves you both time and money on installation costs compared to other fireplaces!

The Amantii Symmetry Xtraslim-50 3.0 Smart WiFi Extra Slim Electric Fireplace is perfect for those who want to add a touch of style to their home or office. Its sleek design and realistic flames make it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor spaces. 

This electric fireplace is imposing, with its elegant design elements and efficient functions. It offers a range of features, including heating power output, remote app controls, media kit accessories, multi-colored lighting options, and flame cycles. You're guaranteed to have an exceptional experience with this fireplace!

Electric Fireplaces with Mantels

A combined electric fireplace and mantel will complete the appearance of your space. These units have a mantle that conceals a modern fireplace and adds a traditional touch.

Dimplex - Morgan Electric Fireplace Mantel

The Dimplex Morgan Electric fireplace mantel is an excellent addition to any home, adding a touch of elegance and style. This rustic stone electric fireplace mantel has a timeless appeal with its rustic charcoal oak finish and industrial-style restoration hardware. You can quickly move the fireplace around thanks to its convenient wheel design, making it an excellent fit for any space.

This most realistic electric fireplace has three levels to adjust the brightness of the flame and ember bed, making it easy for you to set the perfect ambiance apartment fireplace. Thanks to its timeless style, the mantel is a great spot to display photos and keepsakes. 


This mantel's beautifully crafted design will catch your eye and add a stylish touch to your home décor. The flame effects are made with LED technology, which is more energy-efficient than traditional fireplaces. Also, the surface is designed to be safe to touch, so you can rest assured that your family will be comfortable and safe.

Experience the elegance and charm of the Dimplex Morgan Mantel Electric Fireplace in your home today! This mantel is perfect for any home. It's easy to move around, has adjustable flame brightness, and a timeless design. You'll love having it in your home for years to come!

Feature You Consider To Choose A Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Heating Capacity and Room Size

Ensure the fireplace's heating capability is appropriate for the space's size. Electric fireplaces are best suited for rooms 400 to 600 square feet, with average BTU ranges of 4,000 to 9,000.


Although some designs require more time and effort, contemporary electric fireplaces are inexpensive. Simple brackets are needed for wall-mounted units, while additional design is necessary for built-ins.



Most units require glass cleaning and a secure power connection; however, you should review the manufacturer's instructions before selecting a unit.

Realistic Flame Technology

The majority of units require only glass cleaning and a secure power connection; however, before selecting a unit, you might wish to review the manufacturer's instructions.

Control Options and Smart Features

  • Remote Control: From the comfort of your couch, change the settings.
  • Thermostat: Keep the room at a constant temperature.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Use an app on your smartphone to operate the fireplace.
  • Timer: Schedule an automatic shut-off.

Final Words

Transforming your living space with a contemporary electric fireplace is not just about adding warmth; it's about enhancing the ambiance and modernity of your home. With sleek designs and convenient functionality, these fireplaces can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any room while providing efficient heating options. 

Whether you prefer a wall-mounted unit or a freestanding piece, a contemporary electric fireplace offers both style and practicality. Embrace the elegance and convenience they bring to your home decor today.

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