Primo 36" Oval Ceramic 4-Burner Built-In Kamado Natural Gas Grill (Ships As Propane With Conversion Fittings)

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Configurations: Grill Head Only (for Built-In Applications)

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The Primo Oval G 420, 21,000 BTU - Head (for Built-In Applications) transcends standard gas grills by integrating a premium-grade ceramic shell. Unlike metal gas grills that radiate high amounts of heat and pull the moisture out of food, the ceramic shell of the Primo Oval G 420 acts as an insulator to retain more heat and preserve the natural moisture and oils of the food.
The assembled grill features premium grade ceramics, 304 stainless steel cooking grates, burners, flavor grids, exterior, and components. The cart features brushed aluminum handles with a powder-coated steel exterior and locking casters. Every Primo is built for years of use and enjoyment.
With two low burners and two high burners, you have the flexibility to smoke at 220°F or reach grilling temperatures in less than five minutes. Available as “grill head only” for use on an outdoor island or with a Primo Cart.

Select from multiple installation options to find the best fit for you! Choose from a Primo cart, cradle, table, or All-In-One package to complete your grill purchase. The All-In-One package comes with the grill head, an ergonomic handle, cradle stand, side tables, ash tool, and grate lifter.


Everything you need to get started All In One Box. The Primo All-In-One Series was developed with convenience in mind. The vision behind the product was to offer a selection of grills that are ready to grill out of the box after a few minutes of easy setup and assembly. This series also offers a cost-effective avenue for Primo customers to get a bigger “bang for their buck” without breaking the bank. All four models are the same great ceramic grills we offer as stand-alone products with added accessories to provide a ready-to-grill experience out of the box. A Primo All-In-One Grill can be assembled in minutes and ready to cook. Once assembled just add whole lump charcoal, light, and grill your favorite food.

  • Fully Assembled Grill
  • Fold-Down Side Tables
  • Grate Lifter
  • Cradle with Locking Casters
  • Ash Tool


What makes the best grill?


Most BBQs advertise that they can cook in a variety of styles but few deliver as promised. The greatest thing about the Primo is that it does not only deliver but it excels. From Grilling the perfect steak over 400c direct flame to slowing it down a bit and Smoking mouth-watering American BBQ below 110c.

Real WoodReal FlameReal Smoke = Real Results

Patented Oval

Primo’s patented oval design offers huge cooking advantages over other ceramic grills. It delivers the highest level of cooking versatility and performance. Our 2 zone cooking allows you to cook indirectly and directly over the charcoal at the same time. Our oval grill delivers better results by delivering you more control.


Primo Charcoal is 100% American Oak and Hickory wood delivering better taste and balanced flavours. Primo owners can also increase smokiness by adding wood-chunks such as apple, cherry, or hickory.

Peace of Mind

Purchase your Primo Grill with true peace of mind knowing Primo is the only ceramic grill that is made in America and includes a 20-year warranty on all ceramic parts. Primo has offered non-stop service in Australia since 2010 and offers a dedicated Australian team available 7 days a week.

Easy As

Lighting your Primo Grill is simply striking a quick light and it’s ready to use in 10-12 minutes. Primo grills are also self-cleaning.

Grilling Capacity

  • Chicken Icon 8 Whole Chickens | Turkey Icon 2 Whole Turkeys | Steak Icon 12 Steaks | Burger Icon 20 Burgers | Ribs Icon 10 Racks of Ribs | Ears of Corn Icon 12 Ears of Corn 


Grilling Specification

Grill Head Weight: 172 lbs (78.01 kg)
Grill & Cart Weight: 291 lbs (131.99 kg)
Cooking Area: 420 sq in (2,710 cm2)
Optional Rack System: 195 sq in (1,258 cm2)
Total Cooking Area: 615 sq in (3,968 cm2)
Cooking Grid: 19.5" x 28" (47 cm x 64 cm)
Temperature Range: 220°—650°F+ (104°C—343°C+)
BTU-per-hour Input (Main) (4) Burners) 21,000

Grill Features

  • Patented Oval Design. The Primo Oval offers true two-zone simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. That’s a fancy way of saying that you get two very distinct cooking zones. Almost like using a grill and an oven at the same time. Grill steaks on the direct side and roast seafood or vegetables on the indirect side. No round grill offers so much cooking versatility. The Reversible Cooking Grid, Heat Deflector Plates, Extension Racks, and other accessories allow you to create more than 69 different cooking configurations. No other grill offers so much versatility.
  • Premium-Grade Ceramics. Primo ceramic grills are composed of a proprietary blend of natural materials to make the highest grade of ceramics available for superior heat and moisture retention. Combined with quality-controlled production processes and an unmatched firing temperature, our ceramics are significantly more efficient than other ceramic grills. Use less fuel, reach your desired temperature faster, and reduce your cooking time with Primo.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Components.
  • Optional Rack System & Accessories.
  • Comes Fully Assembled.
  • Grill Head Sold Separately for Built-in Applications.
  • (2) High Temp. Tube Burners
  • (2) Low Temp. Tube Burners
  • (2) Sliding Storage Drawers
  • Dedicated Smoker Box
  • Gas Conversion Orifices are Included with each model

Cooking Configuration

Primo Ceramic Grills can be used as a grill, oven, roaster, or smoker. Cool air is drawn into the bottom vent, then heated by the charcoal. The heated air convects around the food before exiting the top vent. The ceramic shell retains more heat than metal grills and helps food retain more of its moisture than conventional grills.
Grill mouthwatering steaks, bake authentic wood-fired pizza, roast a turkey, or smoke a beef brisket to tender perfection. Any food and recipe can be cooked on a Primo. The possibilities are endless.

Grilling & Searing. Use this configuration for grilling meat such as steaks, chicken breasts, or any foods that benefit from cooking directly over the charcoal fire.

Fill the firebox with natural lump charcoal. Use the vents to control airflow for perfect grilling temperatures. The shape of the ceramics creates convection and an even grilling experience that locks moisture into the food.

Grilling & Roasting. Use direct and indirect cooking zones to grill meat on the direct side, while roasting tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side.

Insert the cast iron firebox divider. Fill one side of the firebox with natural lump charcoal. Create two distinct cooking zones using a heat deflector rack and heat deflector plate. This allows you to sear a steak over direct heat while roasting tender vegetables or seafood over indirect heat.

Baking, Roasting & Smoking. Use this configuration for indirect cooking such as an oven or smoker. Cook at low to medium temperatures for baking pizza or smoking meat. (Heat Deflectors/Racks required).

Fill the firebox with natural lump charcoal. Using two deflector racks and heat deflector plates forms a central zone for full indirect cooking. Bake bread and cakes at 350°F, roast chicken to tender perfection at 425°F, or smoke your favorite BBQ low and slow at 225°F. You can raise the temperature even higher to 550°-650°F creating a wood-fired pizza oven...


Click to see Cookware

Gas Heat Deflector Rack


--- are placed in the Primo Gas Grill to hold the Heat Deflector Plates, allowing for indirect cooking. They may also be used to hold a drip pan.

13" Glazed Ceramic Baking Stone

--- utilize to Make authentic wood-fired pizza, bake bread, casseroles, and pies. The glazed ceramic surface allows for easy food removal.

13" Natural Finish Ceramic Baking Stone

--- utilize to Make authentic wood-fired pizza, bake bread, casseroles, and pies.

5-Slot Rib Rack


--- allows you to simultaneously cook 5 racks of ribs.

V Rib Rack

--- allows you simultaneously cook 5 racks of ribs

Vertical Small Roaster

--- designed to infuse added flavor and moisture into whole poultry, such as chicken. Add herbs, spices, garlic, or onions to water, juices, or beer to make "beer can" chicken.

Click to see Tools & Utensils

Instant Read Thermometer

--- accurately measure the internal temperature of your food with a large, easy-to-read display and full temperature readings in 2 to 3 seconds. This thermometer displays °F and °C has a right or left-handed display that rotates 180° for easy viewing, and a temperature range of -40°F to 660°F. It also features a backlit display for nighttime viewing and a low battery display indicator. The thin probe tip makes for easy measurement and it automatically powers on when the probe is opened and shuts off when closed. Also, you can press the hold button to lock the temperature reading. You can calibrate the thermometer by inserting probe tip in know water temperature (ice water 32°F, boiling water 212°F). Two AAA batteries are included.

Grate Cleaning Bar

--- designed to last for years with a logo-branded wood handle and steel cleaning rod with a rust-resistant coating. The cleaning fork tip easily removes food residue from cooking grates without damaging them. With a simple twist, you can also clean the sides of the grate rods. The 23" length keeps a user's hands away from the heat of the charcoal. The Grate Cleaning Bar eliminates the need to replace stainless steel brushes and the potential health hazard of wire bristles being introduced onto the food.

Remote Digital Thermometer

--- use the Primo dual-probe Remote Digital Thermometer to accurately measure the internal temperature of your food and the grill temperature simultaneously. An alarm sounds when your target temperature is reached or if the grill falls outside programmed range.

Grate & Rack Lifter

--- easily remove your cooking grates or racks from the grill with the Grate & Rack Lifter. Constructed of chrome-plated steel for years of use.

Ash Tool

--- a "must-have" tool to easily clean out the ashes from your grill or stir your natural lump charcoal while lit.

Click to see Rubs & Sauces

Chicken Tickler Rub

--- a perfect way to enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. Created specifically for Primo by well-known spice and seasoning developer John Henry.

Summer Peach Rub

--- a perfect way to enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. Created specifically for Primo by well-known spice and seasoning developer John Henry.

Pecan Rub

--- a perfect way to enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. Created specifically for Primo by well-known spice and seasoning developer John Henry.

Garlic Pepper Rub

--- a perfect way to enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. Created specifically for Primo by well-known spice and seasoning developer John Henry.

Sweet & Tangy Honey BBQ Sauce

--- special honey-based BBQ sauce created just for Primo by well-known spice and sauce developer John Henry. A great foundation to create your own special flavor or just use the sauce as is to marinate or baste food.

Click to see Covers

Cart & Table Grill Cover

--- protect your grill from the elements with one of our durable grill covers. Custom fitted with an embroidered Primo logo for every grill.

Built-In Grill Cover

--- protect your grill from the elements with one of our durable grill covers. Custom fitted with an embroidered Primo logo for every grill.

Click to see Parts

Large Gasket Replacement Kit

--- heat-resistant gasket kit to replace existing gaskets on the Primo Junior and Primo Round. One kit will replace the gasket material for the base, dome, and dome neck.


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