Electric Fireplace Mantel

An electric fireplace mantel will provide you with a great combination of traditional outlook and modern convenience. Besides it, the electric fireplace mantel is activated with electricity, and it will provide you with flame effects like a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

However, you will enjoy excellent benefits by using the electric fireplace mantel completely hassle-free, and it will warm your selected room area properly. So, you have to choose the fireplace that is customized with multiple beneficial features like preferable flames, a simple setting process, a modern style, and many other terms. 

Today, I will share the 6 high-quality electric fireplaces customized with multiple unique features with a complete buying guide. Just keep following this article!


1. Dimplex - Royce Electric Fireplace Mantel With Logs

Do you want to get the most elegant and modern electric wall-mount fireplaces for your room? Let's introduce the evergreen and bright fireplace Dimplex Royce. It is customized with modern technology. You can pick this one to enjoy an amazing and exciting evening.

To meet all modern convenience, this dimplex royace will be an executive one for your room. It will offer you a cozy evening with the glow of embers, burning logs, and fire. Again, this beautifully designed electric fireplace mantel will provide you with a warm environment with attractive decoration.


Anyway, the classical design of this dimplex electric fireplace will add extra extension to your room area with boosting a stunning look. It is rich with espresso, finishing with extensive heat and a stylish focal point. You will forget the electricity of this fireplace by enjoying the realistic logo burning.

Dimplex Royal Electric Fireplace is an amazing one that allows you to enjoy the real logo-burning feeling. It will just provide you with the most attractive and warm condition within a particular zone of your room. Enjoy the reality of traditional log burning! 

  • Real flame feeling
  • Adjustable heating facility
  • Attractive and elegance
  • Remote control facility
  • No mess is available


  • Only 120 volts

2. Napoleon - The Taylor 55" Electric Fireplace Mantel Package

Napoleon 55 inch wall mount electric fireplace is one of the masterpieces designed with the highest ambience and classic design. It is a comfortable one to provide you with a suitable living space with elegance and warm weather. You will get a living space with an elegant look with this beautiful one.

If you want to transform your living space into a warm space, set this elegant Napoleon electric fireplace mantel. This fireplace is a great combination of a stylish look and cozy relaxation. So, you can decorate your room by setting this attractive and functional fireplace. 


Enhance your room with nesting by the actual flames of this fireplace with exquisite charm if your room. Cozy relaxation and stylish feeling are available in both of these two facilities with this Napoleon electric fireplace. It will just make your room unforgettable and dreamy.

The 55-inch width feature of this built in electric fireplace will offer you the most attractive focal point with great attention to classic design blending and modern function. The realistic log setting of this fireplace will not only warm your room space. It will fill your heart with unlimited amusements. 


  • Warmth environment
  • Elegant look
  • Adjustable heating 
  • Long time enjoyment
  • Easy featured remote
  • Flexible installation


  • Up to 800 sqft of coverage only

3. Dimplex - Morgan Electric Fireplace Mantel,Charcoal Oak, with log firebox

Let's introduce the most functional and stylish dimplex morgan electric fireplace mantel. It is an exclusive addition to timeless design and a modern heating system. Besides these, you will get this extensive fireplace customized with modern technology.

This modern outdoor electric fireplace mantel is a perfect addition to style and comfort. It provides extra convenience with multiple amazing features. Users will love it for its lucrative design and amazing performance. 


The Morgan Mantel electric fireplace is an addition to the exclusive finishing. It explores classic design making the fireplace setting room memorable. You will make your living area a focal point by setting up this functional fireplace.

People who set it as an indoor electric fireplace will enjoy its aesthetic appearance and cozy warm environment. It will provide you with a realistic log fire feeling like the most attractive traditional fireplace. Decorate your room with this most attractive fireplace. 


  • Adjustable flames
  • LED lights with advanced technology
  • All safety features
  • Up to 400 sqft heating capacity
  • There is no mess


  • Only 120 volts

4. Superior | ERT3036 Traditional Electric Fireplace 36"

To enjoy contemporary comfort with a classic design, you should install the superior ERT3036 traditional electric fireplace for bedroom. This fireplace is customized with 36 inches, which will embody amazing charm into your room space.

 You can add the most extensive and elegant touch electric fireplace for living room. Customizing this beautiful electric fireplace will add extra attractive decoration and appearance. 


Suppose you want to create a perfect evening customized with attractive and elegant features; set up this fantastic electric fireplace for the living room. A cozy fire and soft crackling will make your room environment as lucrative as you want it to be.

To enjoy a memorable evening full of warmth and a beautiful, cozy evening without any kind of mess, you can select this fireplace. It is crafted with meticulous customization and rich with attractive finishing and intricate cravings.  All of these will make your room environment unique.


  • Captivating look
  • Unlimited elegance
  • Easy installation process
  • Budget-friendly with advanced quality
  • Customized with all safety features


  • Its traditional style

5. Superior | ERT3033 Traditional Electric Fireplace 33"

The superior ERT303 is a classically designed traditional electric fireplace with LED lights, and it will offer you the highest warmth environment. It will be able to meet your expected designs customized with modern technology. Anyway, the trendy features of this electric fireplace will not fade from the most attractive traditional look.

It will enhance the timeless charm of your living room while bringing an elegant touch and comfort. This fireplace is featured with a rich finishing mantel and intricate carvings. It will capture the classic design essence. You must enjoy the superior finishing look of this fireplace.


The flame's flicker effect of this fireplace will enhance the real and attractive appearance of your room area. It is a bed of glowing embers, which will provide the highest ambience and a visually warmth environment.  

So, to enjoy a real wood-burning fireplace without any mess and hassle, you have to maintain this electric fireplace installation easily. Besides this, to enjoy the proper warmth during extreme cold, you have to set it. Just install this supreme-quality electric fireplace and enjoy unlimited!


  • Unlimited warmth condition
  • Efficient classical elegant
  • Customizing flames and heat
  • Family-friendly features 
  • Cost-effective and safe
  • Simple installation


  • One-year warranty

6.SimpliFire - 36" Best Built-In Electric Fireplace

You are now introducing the last electric fireplace review, Simplifier. If you want to immerse yourself in a captivating environment, you can select this one. It has a much more functional and attractive appearance. 

This electric fireplace mantel is crafted with aesthetic design and function. This remarkable electric fireplace will bring more sophistication and warmth to your living room area. It will provide you with an amazing warm environment with other attractive features.


Get the timeless, elegant-looking electric fireplace for year-round comfort. It will provide you with a soothing glow in a heating environment. The sleek design of this electric fireplace will make you happy while providing enjoyable moments.

If you want to decorate your room with a variety of flame colours and amazing brightness, you should select this one. The amazing remote control features will provide you with countless facilities. Its easy installation process will allow all family members to handle it. 


  • Timeless comfort
  • Energy-efficient fireplace
  • Stylish design
  • Easy installation process
  • Simple controlling system


  • Black finishing

How To Choose A Quality Electric Fireplace Mantel

If you want to select the proper electric fireplace mantel, you have to go through some of the most essential facts. These considering facts will help you to choose the best one. Let's know the most influencing facts that you have to consider before purchasing an electric fireplace mantel-


Preferable Size

First, measure the size of the space where you want to set the fireplace. If you can measure the space properly, your fireplace will fit well. So, consider the actual size and dimensions of the mantel fireplace perfectly and get the proper settings.

Capacity Of Heat

You should determine the actual heating capacity of the electric fireplace mantel; you have to check the overall heating capacity of it. With proper heating capacity, you will ensure the warm condition of your room space.

Energy Consumption Level

Consider the minimum and highest energy consumption levels of the electric fireplace mantel. Different models have multiple features, like LED efficiency. Choose the electric fireplace mantel with a low consumption level, which will save you money and effort. 

·Effective Flames

You should evaluate the fireplaces' flame effects. They need to be real to look at. If you want to see the actual flame effects, consider the flame settings properly, with their light brightness and attractive color.

Ensure Safety

Ensure the overall safety features of your selected electric fireplace mantel. It needs to be confirmed with all safety terms, like excellent screen, automatic shutdown option, etc. A fireplace customized with multiple safety features will give you a significant advantage in providing complete safety to your family members and children.

Easy Installation Process

Select the fireplace mantel with an easy installation technique. Never select a fireplace with extra wiring. It can create a hassle during installation. 


With the perfect blending of multiple features of an electric fireplace mantel, you will be able to make your room temperature comfortable. The overall function features and other beneficial terms of these electric fireplaces will meet your full demand. 

Finally, the fireplaces that have been reviewed here are top-notch and good quality. You can choose one from here to get the highest benefits. You will enjoy a fantastic environment by setting up the top-quality electric fireplace mantel to meet your requirements. So, select the right one and enjoy every moment! 

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